• Reor.

    A Robust Calculator, packed with a winsome interface and a multitude of features. It is the only Calculator you'll ever need!

  • Surly

    Elegant Interface.

    Right from the start, Reor packs a supremely elegant interface, and keeps things simple and easy to use.

  • Cinelli

    Scientific Functions.

    The Scientific Toolbar which comes with Reor sports a lot of scientific functions, and even supports calculation with various Angular Systems.

  • Affinity

    Statistical Functions.

    With the Statistical Toolbar which comes with Reor, you won't be short of accurate statistical functions.

  • Affinity

    Graphical Functions.

    With Reor's Graphical Plotter, you can plot any equation with a remarkable level of accuracy very easily.

  • Affinity

    Built-in Physical & Mathematical Constants.

    With Reor, you will be empowered with the most frequently used constants that might be essential to your calculations.

  • Affinity

    Advanced Variable Storage.

    You could store important values persistently with Reor's Variable Toolbox.

  • Affinity

    Financial Functions.

    You could use Reor's Financial Toolbox to easily make financial calculations.

  • Affinity


    Reor has a remarkable ability to plot Mortgages with a high level of accuracy. This function will really help you out!

  • Affinity

    Wordify, Unit Converter & History.

    Were you looking for a way to automatically convert numbers to words? Then Reor's Wordify is exactly what you have been looking for! Unit Converter lets you convert values between multiple units of a long list of categories. Reor also integrates all functions to a full-fledged History window.

  • Affinity

    Format Options & Fractional Functions.

    Reor's Format Toolbox lets you set maximum number of decimal places, toggle between digit grouping and so on.

    The Fractional Toolbox lets you do elementary functions and get the answers in the fractional form.

  • Affinity


    Reor, when minimized, will reside in the notification area. Linq is a small helper that will allow you to manipulate Reors functions while it is minimized.

  • Affinity

    Updater & full-fledged Help.

    With the in-built Updater you can always have the latest version of Reor.

    Reor's in-built Helper, Butler, will tell you what every function does when you hover over them. It is all the help you will ever need.

  • Affinity


    Reor is Licensed to Ajay Menon under the GNU General Public License v3. To know more Click Here